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Bukit Broga or Broga hill is Semenyih, standing 400m above sea level.

The writer wrote, the name is after the word 'brogas ' a mythical beast living in the forest. He only showed his ignorance, a Malay word does not have any...  Gas...,

It should be the word for broga... A kind of wild chicken, which I was hunting when I wad young.


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Raub is in Pahang, and about 2hr drive from Kuala Lumpur.
-You may like to discover the durians orchards with the famous musang king.
- How about the limestone caves. Gua Kechil used to be hidout for the communists.


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Located in Perak, offers 4 variety of tour, including the Wet and Climb.
You will move across the cave, about 2 hours, through cave climb n descend, from the main entrance to the other outlet.
Your return will be follow through the river..



Popular among the local, as a jogging track, located in Nilai negeri sembilan

Langkawi Sky Bridge Closed

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It is not a good news to know that the much visited sky bridge in Langkawi is being closed down for maintenance for 20 months. It is expected to be opened at the end of Visit Malaysia Year of 2014.

theStar 23 Feb 2014

The bridge which spans 700m above sealevel situated above the peak of mount Chinchang which offers breath taking view of Langkawi has been closed for a longtime. A local paper quoted the reason.. as due to the delay of maintenance work. A picture of rusted structure sends a scary message.

The bridge was closed since July 2012, a month before Langkawi Development Authority bought  PLSB from Prasarana. PLSB is the company that operates and maintain the Sky Bridge and the Cable Car.

It is Odd for the company to have mentioned that they are following the Standard Operation Proceure when he mentioned that the requirement is to close the bridge for maintenance after 6 years. The is is quoted to be 10 years ols.


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There are many hotels and resorts to choose from, one of which is Club Med...
Club Med Malaysia · Suggested Post
The serene lakes and lush greenery of Club Med Guilin, China make it an ideal destination for all who long for a return to nature. Stand a chance to win yourself an exclusive premium gift (x1) from us!

Simply mention in the comments what it is you look forward to the most for Club Med Guilin, China among these:

1. Scrumptious Chinese Cuisine ...See More

Home Stay Tanjung Karang

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quintessential kampung life
The home stay Tanjung Karang offers the opportunities for the tourists to experience the traditional Malay kampung life style set with acres of padi field.

Recently, the Gaya Travel Magazine and MCSC organised a four day 3 night trip for media personnel as the show case for the tourist related products.

Among the activities offerred:
- planting and harvesting the rice- depending on the seasons, as the rice (padi) are panted following the seasons.
- harvesting home grown vegetable.
- participate in the catching of fish and eels.

Contact: Faez 019 318 8220

Metered Cabs For KLIA

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It has been the practice in Malaysia, that the cabs for airports are reserved for airport taxis. Now authority is allowing the public taxis (cabs) to send and pickup passengers at KLIA.  Arriving passengers can pick up the cabs at level 1.
Prior to this, passengers are only able to travel by Airport Limo, a concessionaire licensed to transport passengers from the airport.

How to Pick Up Taxi.
1. If you arrive from a flight, you are already at level 1.
2. Line up to buy the ticket before the exit door. For metered taxi, pay RM2 only. The travel fee will be paid to the driver as per the meter. For Airport Limo, pay according to the destination as advised by the ticket counter.
metered cabs for KLIA
The metered taxi normally cost less than the Limo.

Medical Tourism In Malaysia

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Medical treatments can be very expensive in a developed nations. In underdeveloped countries the medical facilities may not be to standard. With these two situations, Malaysia is put into a very strategic position.

Malaysia is a developing nation with a good standard of medical services. The doctors and the specialist are well qualified and trained in the best universities in the West. It can serve the two distinct market segments, the patients for the developed countries who are looking for quality services a a more reasonable cost. The other market is the patients for the lesser developed countries, like Indonesia. With a large customer base, the number of Indonesian that are looking for medical treatments in Malaysia is increasing.

Jungle Trekking in Malaysia

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Many tourist come to Malaysia to get in touch with the tropical jungle. Reading and watching video is not bring about the taste of the topical jungle trekking. I have include an article to bring about the interest on the subject..

 Jungle trekking is an experience of different kind. You are full engrossed with the surrounding and you are a part of the jungle. Your sense of presence, hearing and virtual will be greatly increased. A slight sound on the background will go deep into your mind.

 Read more..
By Author: Angel Dulay
What is it really like to be in a rainforest? It’s hot and sticky. As you eco-trek out of your hammock and go hiking, you’re immediately covered in sweat. Your underwear clings, your pants cling, and things that Eek! aren’t part of your clothing at all cling to you. You’re also instantly covered in bugs. And the wet forest is, as its name would imply, wet. Hence, Whoops! Slippery. You’re immediately covered in mud too.
While you’re trying to remove the sweat, bugs and mud off with handkerchiefs, moist towelettes and Off (in the environmentally friendly pump containers), you’ll find insects that look like sticks and frogs that look like leaves and moths that look like birds and lizards that look like anything they sit on. There seem to be problems with identity in the jungle. Among the various things the wet forest needs is, probably, psychiatric help.

Every kind of plant and animal has some sort of stringer, barb, thorn, prickle, spine, poison. There’s a fierce competition for nutrients on the ground which is why rainforest soil is so notoriously poor and easily damaged by horticulture. The tremendous hardwood trees of the jungle, rising 120 feet with prodigious buttresses and trunks as big around tract houses are rooted in earth where you couldn’t grow petunias.
The wet forest is not, however, scary; not even in the dark. Though it is dense, tangled, and filled with remarkably icky things like bugs, you start looking at the multitude of insects. The astounding number of them. The great smacking bogs and oodles, the scads, the lasings of bugs galore. Why do people spend so little time contemplating the ugliness of nature? How many humans get all the way through even the most fabulous sunset without getting up for a beer or going inside to check the evening news? But you can watch an enraged fruit bat trying to take out a professor’s face. An enraged Malaysian fruit bat looks like a colonel in the RAT Airforce. It has a set of teeth that look like it could perform an appendectomy. If I were a local resident, I’d keep the fruit out in the garage or rent a mini-storage space.

Trekking along the footpaths and rocky outbacks of Asia’s forests you come across water camps. Here, really sophisticated efforts at simplicity have been made. The camps are nothing but wobbly, bamboo platforms with a roof of palm leaves. Some camps get balsa plaques carved by previous tour groups. The plaques bear names of travelers and descriptions of some of the highlights of their travels. Some contain poems in the order of:

Though the bugs made noise,
Our trip was full of joys,
Because the monkey howls’
And the wise owl hoots,
That it is bad to pollute.

So, we all know what awaits us: muggy outcrops, swampy mangroves, river floodplains. In the forest, an unknown number of animal, plant and insect life wait to be discovered. They can be reached by air and land travel. What strikes many tourists’ fancy nowadays is having a taste of life in the rainforest.
Sites for Nature and Jungle Adventures
  • Kuala Selangor Nature Park, Selangor, Mangrove forest
  • Templer Park, Selangor, Mountain forest
  • Ulu Bendol, Negeri Sembilan, Mountain forest
  • Endau Rompin, Johor, Lowland rainforest
  • Lowland rainforest, Johor, Highland rainforest
  • Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Highland & mountain rainforest
  • Taman Negara, Pahang, Lowland and hill rainforest
  • Tasik Chini, Pahang, Freshwater swamp forest
  • Tasik Bera, Pahang, Freshwater swamp forest
  • Genting Highlands, Pahang, Highland rainforest
  • Fraser’s Hill, Pahang, Highland rainforest
  • Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu, Freshwater swamp forest
  • Danum Valley, Sabah, Highland and mountain forest
  • Kinabalu Park, Sabah, Highland and mountain forest
  • Kinabatangan Floodplain, Sabah, Freshwater swamp forest
  • Gunung Emas, Sabah, Highland rainforest
  • Bako National Park, Sarawak, Mangrove and mixed forest
  • La Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Hill rainforest & limestone pinnacles
  • Niah National Park, Sarawak, Lowland rainforest
Jungle Adventure Tips
  • Find out as much as you can about the trail and surroundings.
  • Plan your route carefully to allow enough time for you to complete it before darkness sets in.
  • Know you physical limits and only undertake trails that you know you can handle.
  • Inform the park official or other people of your plans for the day, especially if you are going alone.
  • Pack plenty of water and a few snacks to maintain your energy level.
  • It is best to set out at dawn when animals begin to seek food and the warmth of the early morning sun. Move about as quietly as possible to avoid scaring any wildlife.
  • Wear thin, loose, cotton clothing to remain comfortable.
  • Long trousers and long-sleeved shirts protect arms and legs from mosquitoes and thorny plants.
  • Wear sturdy shoes that support your ankles well and allow your feet to grip the ground as you walk Leech socks or long socks prevent leeches from getting at your legs.
  • A poncho, large enough to cover you and your belongings, will provide protection from sudden rain showers.
  • A wide brimmed hat is highly recommended for providing shade from the tropical sun.
Article Source:
About the Author
After more than twenty years in the corporate world, Angel is now pursuing a hobby that has been his for decades; that is, writing.

Penang - The Island Attraction

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Penang is expanding its tourism. The target is the tourist from China, India and Iran.

With this plan, an additional 2000 rooms are required in the next 5 years.

The rooms sales in 2012 recorded to be about 1 millions rooms. It was a slight drop from the 2011 figure of 1.013 millions in 2011. The drop was due to the economic slowdown in Europe and USA.

The hotels around the beaches experienced a better demands compared to those in the city center.

An overview of the mode of single life and Culture of the people of Penang


The culture and way of life in Penang is a rich mixture of different religions and people who are established in the Malaysian state. Over the past few years, there are many news about Penang, primarily because its capital, Georgetown has been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Georgetown has become a popular tourist destination, multicultural heritage that it has acquired different colonial powers over the centuries and people. Apart from this, the culture and way of life in Penang is like most metropolitans, but unique on its own.

Culture of Penang

The culture of Penang has developed mainly from the Straits born Baba-Nyonya or Chinese down the first Chinese immigrants in Penang. The majority of the people of Penang speak a sort of Chinese-Malay Creole, adopted in part to Malay customs. Although Buddhism is the main religion in Penang, Islam is the official religion of the State. One of the most interesting aspects of culture in Penang is festivals. As it is a multicultural State, Penang famous a number of.

Lifestyle Penang

Lots of news about Penang is the way of life of its inhabitants. The lifestyle of these people has a distinct identity for crafts, culture, rituals, costumes and food. In fact, the food is probably the most important part of life in Penang. The island has a unique cuisine which is a mixture of Chinese, Thai, Malay, Nyonya and Indian. Most cafés and restaurants are open 24 hours in the State. Penang was also recognized for having the best food Street in Asia in an edition of Time Magazine in 2004. Also, a large part of life focuses on shopping. There are many large supermarkets on the island and the Mainland of Penang. The State also has a night buzzing with many discos, bars, pubs, cafes and bistros.

These unique characteristics of culture and way of life in Penang visit the State an excellent experience for all kinds of tourists today.

Our news digest new aggregates of various news sources and blogs that cover topics such as the heritage, culture, food, business, politics, social issues, travel logs, etc. Read the news online & feature articles on george town Penang

Traders Hotel Penang - tips on your next trip to Penang


Traders Hotel Penang is ideally located in the heart of Georgetown business and shopping district. Its location is close to most tourist attractions. It is one of the leading companies and the recreation of the city hotels. By car, the hotel is approximately of Penang International Airport and 15 minutes for the industrial areas of Bayan Lepas FT.

Similar to other hotels of traders around the world, the hotel of traders in Penang is the name of a brand that represents his philosophy to offer travelers of business and leisure with accommodation of high quality and value for money packages.

Beside traders Hotel Penang is the building of Komtar 65 - legendary storey that is occupied by a wide variety of shops, restaurants, offices and Central Penang Government Office. The building is linked to an another arcade modern shopping via a sky bridge to the Prangin Mall. The Komtar building, you will find a tourist information Centre, which is useful for the management of any investigation of travel, you may need to.

Penang is known as a food paradise. You cannot miss the local cuisine, prepared by the different ethnic groups. Time Magazine once evaluated in Penang to have better food stall side in Asia. You can find all kinds of foods in the neighbourhood of traders Hotel Penang. The inhabitants are fluent in English, and there will be no difficulty in communicating in the streets.

Reception staff is well trained and helpful to guests. Each room with drawings of contemporary style of Malaysia offers a full range of amenities that make your stay comfortable, peaceful and productive. Although the room is not very spacious, clean finally scores a 10. You can enjoy panoramic views of the Penang Bridge or city through the huge Bay window in the room.

Traders Hotel Penang is equipped with an internet Hotel-wide wireless, restaurants, lobby lounge and a fitness centre which consists of a gym, steam, sauna and two swimming pools bath. If you feel like having a day off basking in the white sand beach and moisten with water sport activities, you are entitled unrestricted access to recreational facilities of the Golden Sands Resorts located on the famous Batu Ferringhi beach. The hotel offers free shuttle service which will transfer you between the hotel and the seaside.

Overall, the hotel offers good value for money with a very comfortable stay. The location is ideal, and it will be an excellent choice for your next business or travel to Penang. To view photos of the hotel, the map and read reviews written by customers of the hotel, previous click Traders Hotel Penang.

(Copyright Steve Wong) - more information and advice on the tour of Malaysia and hotel travel.

Introducing the Island of Borneo

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Borneo has been attracting adventures among the visitors from western worlds. It is here that, the visitors come face to face with the head hunters and the exotic animals. The hunters do not practice the life style and longer, but that eerie feeling still lingers when you see pile of processed heads being stacked at a corner of a local tribesman.

borneo island Borneo is the third largest island, after Greenland and New Guinea. The nearly 740,000 sq kilometers is shared between three countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Brunei is a tiny independent sultanate, established prior to the coming of the English colonial power as the center of trade and culture in the region.

 Its Malaysian land area merely covering 5765 sq kilometer consisting of two separate territories. The biggest of the Malaysian state, Sarawak was in fact part of Brunei before it was wrestled in 19th century from the Sultan by the white Raja of Sarawak. The biggest land area of Borneo, about 72%, belongs to Indonesia. The area is also known as Kalimantan and was ruled by the Muslim sultanate of Banjar.

 THE ATTRACTIONS For centuries the mysteries of Borneo, especially in the unexplored heartland, brought in many explorers and adventurers is search of something unique exotic or even bizzare. The modern communication and transportation means had opened up the interior. Now people can journey and explore the virgin jungle and take a glimpse of the wild animals with ease.

 WILD ANIMALS The land has among the richest diversities of wildlife in the world. Most of the animals are difficult to be seen, but the trails and marks confirm of their existence. Perhaps the most well known of the animal of Borneo is the orang-utan. This best way to see them will be at the orang utan sanctuaries. The three best rehabilitation centers are, Sepilok in Sabah, Semengoh in Sarawak and Tanjung Puting in Central Kalimantan.

Visit To National Park at Kuala Tahan

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A visit to the national park at Kuala Tahan is a must, especially if you are a Malaysian. That was what I did about 3 weeks ago.

I was telling everyone that you have to go to Kuala Tembeling in Jerantut to reach the park. You have to park your car and take a small boat ride to reach Kuala Tahan. Little did I realize that you can access Kuala Tembeling by car.

So we traveled by car from Temerloh to Jerantut. It took us about 1 hour. Than another hour through the winding and narrow road to Kuala Tahan, the gate to the national park. I spent one night at one of the chalet.

As it was raining throughout the day,  I missed the chance to explore the park. It was ok for me, as my mission was not the park. I was part of the team of volunteers went to be with the handicapped group, the special children group.

Here are some pictures of Kuala Tahan.

If you come by road, persona resort is the first resort you would come across.

The road leading to the jetty. It is a no entry road meant for pedestrians.

The view of river Tembeling taken from the Persona Resort

Across the river is the entrance to the national park. The board ride is costing RM1 , a cheap adventure.  You may take the boat to the canopy walk, about 30 minutes upstream.

The water level is still low as it was only the beginning of the mansoon season. A boat was waiting for the coming tourists.
We also ventured near the jetty looking for suitable and better accommodation. There are about 10 hotels or  chalet to choose from. They seem to be better than Pesona Resort, the place that we spent the night.

At about 12 noon we departed from Kuala Tahan and promise to visit the national park when the rain season ends.

Medical Tourism in Malaysia

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One of the newly created segment of tourism is medical tourism. It does not seem to be fitting to call a patient coming for medical attention to be called a tourist. Soon we will have new terms created to be put under the umbrella of "tourist". How would you like to see a new types of tourists such as...
- education tourist - these are the students coming to enter our education institutions.
- agricultural tourist - for the people who come to Malaysia to work in the much needed agricultural sectors.
- criminal tourist - those who come to perform criminal activities.

The more tourists we can count, will add up to the image of the tourism industry. If we can prove that there are 2 million tourist bringing in billion of dollars, the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia will benefit, more grants will be given and more projects will be approved.

In 2000, the record shows that there were about 50,000 foreigners who came to Malaysia seeking medical treatments. The hospitals in Malaysia are popular destinations for patients from Indonesia, Japan and UK. The main reasons are the cost and quality. The cost is a fractions of that in Japan. The rich Indonesians do not trust their medical personels and prefer to go to Malaysia

1. - Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council. You may subscribe to get updated information on related medical news.

Legoland Johor

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This weekend is special. The middle of Sept 2012 marked the beginning of Malaysian Legoland. Here is the promotion pamphlets..
There are a number of activities for you and the family.

- The Lego Kingdoms with the dragon coaster and the Forestmen's hide out.

The new Legoland in Nusajaya Johor is expected to open in the middle of Sept 2012. However, thousands of people including press and other officials have visited the park.

As part of the marketing efforts, the taxi drivers were invited to have the first hand knowledge about the park.

The following video will speak louder than words..

Train Adventure in Kuala Lumpur

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The LRT - light rapid transport is entering a station in Kuala Lumpur

The train is comfortable. 

The escalator will take the passengers to the train underground station

Incompleted Building is spoiling the landscape- the victim of poor planning and  greed.

Very comfortable if you are not on the peak time. Then it will filled to the brim

Scenic view of the beautiful mosque at the congruence of 2 rivers. Small but of architecture value

The river becomes a concrete channel. It loses the natural touch

Holiday in Genting

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One of the most visited tourist spot in Malaysia is the Genting Resort.
There is plenty of activities for the family.

1. Activities related to Nature.
The resort is situated on the highland, so the weather is cool and refreshing throughout the day. You and your family may enjoy the morning walk in the tropical forest. A great place to exercise and relax away from the busy rush of corporate life.
Take a ride on the skyway and enjoy the scenic helicopter views. Take your own holiday pictures of the hundreds of tropical plants and flowers.

Then try the theme park which bring about the joys and excitements to both children and adults.If you come with a family, it may be worth to buy the family tickets. For the cheap price of RM200, you can enjoy the whole park, the rides and others for the whole day.

Pick your choice, the outdoor park, the indoor park and the water park.
Getting to The Highland.
From Kuala Lumpur, it will be an easy drive of about 40 minutes. Most of the hotels have a daily scheduled tour to genting, or they may make the arrangement for you.
You may choose to take a public transport. Stage buses and tour buses are available. Private limousine and public taxi and car hire are also available.



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KPJ Healthcare is the investment arm of the state of Johor in the healthcare business. One of the growing customer group is the Arab Patients. They can be divided into to broad categories, the Arab community in Malaysia and the visiting medical tourists from middle east.

As a way of showing appreciation to the community for their support of KPJ, the hospital group organised 2 days of fun and performance. The days were filled with special shows, bazaars, health talk and coloring competition for children. The dance include the famous Palestinian Dabka dance. The local Malaysia cultural taste was also include with bersanding ceremony of newly wed KPJ staff. A total of about 40 booths were set up selling both ranges of items from Middle East as well as taste of Malaysian.

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