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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Posted on 26 Feb 2011

The bungy jumping facilities had been operational. This is a new game, a naturally many Malaysian are doing it for the first time.

Yes, the majority are scared, I would be, except that I am too old for this kind of trill.

This is a story about the first time jumper.

She was scared too, but wanted to prove her worth. So she went and pay the fee of RM100 for local. Foreigners are charged RM150. She was given a form to sign, and off to weighing scale.

Basically, there are three types of cords, each jumper will be given the right cord based on his/her weight. The light weight cord for those weighing between 45kg and 55kg, the medium cord for 60kg to 70kg, and the heavy cord is for those weighing between 80kg and 90kg.

So I was allotted the light cord, thanks to my disciplined diet.

As my feet inched themselves across the bridge, the cold sweat drenched my blouse, and I knew the make up was in a mess. That was not my main problem, as my mind was wandering and thought about all the possibilities,.. 'what if the cord break, I will not have the time to say good bye to my daughter".

It was high, as I could see the human figures in the park were small. I was sure the trainer knew about the anxiety, as he was trying to assure me,... "you are number 5000, and nothing bad is going to happen".

As the moment to jump came, I closed both eyes and plunged myself with unwilling heart. I thought to myself, that it was the first and the last jump.

Wow, I couldn't believe I was falling. I felt the adrenaline rush. It was confusing at first. I couldn't scream, not because I was enjoying the experience -- I was frozen in fear.

Being upside down didn't help either. I could feel my face turning red and the boy on the raft couldn't come fast enough to rescue me.

He let me down gently and untied my feet. When I stood up to walk I couldn't balance myself and felt a little dizzy.

Looking back, it was the most scary experience in my life. Now that I have fully recovered from it, would I do it again?

Yes, I would. It is an experience not to be missed.

NST ..Read more: Getting high on a bungy jump http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/6nanab/Article/#ixzz1F9B1XMRO
Posted on 11 Sept 2010

Soon the Bungy jumping in Malaysia will be opened to the public. It will be the first in the country, set up at the Sunway Lagoons Extreme Parks suspension bridge.
Before this, the trill seekers had to go as far as New Zealand to experience the free fall and the excitement of the bungy jump.

My first encounter with this sport was on my visit to New Zealand. My daughter was studying there and she was the adventurous type and wanted to experience the jump. Although she wanted to do it, but the fear overcame her at the very last moment when she was at the edge and looking down to the water, she just could not do it. The she was asked whether she need a push, when she nodded, down she fell, safely held by the bungy chord.

According the the instructor, about 2% of the people will back up as they reached the edge. They wanted to jump but just too scared to try.

Those interested would have to be at least 10 years of age and have to be of a minimum weight of 35kg or maximum of up to 285kg.

Each jump is priced at RM100 (non-My Card holder) and RM50 (MyCard holder). Those who are planning to go on a complete thrill seeking experience can enjoy both the existing G-Force X Reverse Bungy and the Bungy Jump with a combo ticket priced at RM150 (non-MyCard holder) and RM70 (MyCard holder).

A Bungy Jump Certificate from Bungy Malaysia will be given to all successful jumpers.


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