Holiday in Genting

Friday, August 3, 2012

One of the most visited tourist spot in Malaysia is the Genting Resort.
There is plenty of activities for the family.

1. Activities related to Nature.
The resort is situated on the highland, so the weather is cool and refreshing throughout the day. You and your family may enjoy the morning walk in the tropical forest. A great place to exercise and relax away from the busy rush of corporate life.

Take a ride on the skyway and enjoy the scenic helicopter views. Take your own holiday pictures of the hundreds of tropical plants and flowers.

Then try the theme park which bring about the joys and excitements to both children and adults.If you come with a family, it may be worth to buy the family tickets. For the cheap price of RM200, you can enjoy the whole park, the rides and others for the whole day.

Pick your choice, the outdoor park, the indoor park and the water park.
Getting to The Highland.
From Kuala Lumpur, it will be an easy drive of about 40 minutes. Most of the hotels have a daily scheduled tour to genting, or they may make the arrangement for you.
You may choose to take a public transport. Stage buses and tour buses are available. Private limousine and public taxi and car hire are also available.



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