Medical Tourism in Malaysia

Thursday, November 8, 2012

One of the newly created segment of tourism is medical tourism. It does not seem to be fitting to call a patient coming for medical attention to be called a tourist. Soon we will have new terms created to be put under the umbrella of "tourist". How would you like to see a new types of tourists such as...
- education tourist - these are the students coming to enter our education institutions.
- agricultural tourist - for the people who come to Malaysia to work in the much needed agricultural sectors.
- criminal tourist - those who come to perform criminal activities.

The more tourists we can count, will add up to the image of the tourism industry. If we can prove that there are 2 million tourist bringing in billion of dollars, the Tourism Ministry of Malaysia will benefit, more grants will be given and more projects will be approved.

In 2000, the record shows that there were about 50,000 foreigners who came to Malaysia seeking medical treatments. The hospitals in Malaysia are popular destinations for patients from Indonesia, Japan and UK. The main reasons are the cost and quality. The cost is a fractions of that in Japan. The rich Indonesians do not trust their medical personels and prefer to go to Malaysia

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