Visit To National Park at Kuala Tahan

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A visit to the national park at Kuala Tahan is a must, especially if you are a Malaysian. That was what I did about 3 weeks ago.

I was telling everyone that you have to go to Kuala Tembeling in Jerantut to reach the park. You have to park your car and take a small boat ride to reach Kuala Tahan. Little did I realize that you can access Kuala Tembeling by car.

So we traveled by car from Temerloh to Jerantut. It took us about 1 hour. Than another hour through the winding and narrow road to Kuala Tahan, the gate to the national park. I spent one night at one of the chalet.

As it was raining throughout the day,  I missed the chance to explore the park. It was ok for me, as my mission was not the park. I was part of the team of volunteers went to be with the handicapped group, the special children group.

Here are some pictures of Kuala Tahan.

If you come by road, persona resort is the first resort you would come across.

The road leading to the jetty. It is a no entry road meant for pedestrians.

The view of river Tembeling taken from the Persona Resort

Across the river is the entrance to the national park. The board ride is costing RM1 , a cheap adventure.  You may take the boat to the canopy walk, about 30 minutes upstream.

The water level is still low as it was only the beginning of the mansoon season. A boat was waiting for the coming tourists.
We also ventured near the jetty looking for suitable and better accommodation. There are about 10 hotels or  chalet to choose from. They seem to be better than Pesona Resort, the place that we spent the night.

At about 12 noon we departed from Kuala Tahan and promise to visit the national park when the rain season ends.


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