Langkawi Sky Bridge Closed

Monday, February 24, 2014

It is not a good news to know that the much visited sky bridge in Langkawi is being closed down for maintenance for 20 months. It is expected to be opened at the end of Visit Malaysia Year of 2014.

theStar 23 Feb 2014

The bridge which spans 700m above sealevel situated above the peak of mount Chinchang which offers breath taking view of Langkawi has been closed for a longtime. A local paper quoted the reason.. as due to the delay of maintenance work. A picture of rusted structure sends a scary message.

The bridge was closed since July 2012, a month before Langkawi Development Authority bought  PLSB from Prasarana. PLSB is the company that operates and maintain the Sky Bridge and the Cable Car.

It is Odd for the company to have mentioned that they are following the Standard Operation Proceure when he mentioned that the requirement is to close the bridge for maintenance after 6 years. The is is quoted to be 10 years ols.


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