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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mersing is small town situated at the east cost of peninsular malaysia. It is known to be the gateway to tioman, a tourist island off the coast of Pahang, welknown as a diving destination of world class standing. But what is not highlighted, mersing itself is not short of beautiful beaches and clear sea for tourist to enjoy. The serene beach, is beauty and calm, can be a place to relief the stress from work and other routine activities.

The local malaysian daily, the kosmo!, portrayed a nicely written article about mersing as a tourist destination. I have extracted the article and rewritten in English below:


It will be nice to get away from the hassle of living in a city, with the daily traffic jam and unending rash for time. A holiday with the family in the quite little town of mersing, with the uncrowded beaches will you you a refreshing time and renew the loss energy.

One of the attractive beach is Penyabung Beach. At the beach, you have the choice of chalets or camping sites. The facilities at the camping sites include the shower and washroom facilities, electricity and parking area. Various activities are arranged such as fishing in the sea or the water ways.

The other beaches nearby are Pasir Lanun, Teluk Gorek, Tanjung Resang and Teluk Sari. All these beaches are around 30 to 50 km from mersing,and the drive from the town takes about an hour.

If you are planning to stay overnight, there a few choice of chalet with reasonable rate. Among them are Endau Beach Resort, Coconut Beach Resort dan Pantai Penyabong Resort (PPRT). The Calet Naza Impian, Teluk Sisek dan Teluk Gorek Camp and Resort are also available.

The beaches are quite and at night, it is calm and the only noise is the sound of the waves. The calmness has attracted visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you like sailing, then there is a sailing center at tanjung resang. Sailing is recommended in the month of Feb to September. During the monsoon season, the sea is getting too rough and not safe for smaller boats.

The beaches at Penyabung offer attractive scenery. In the clear day, you can see the small island of Pulau Semut, Pulau Aceh and Seri Buat. If you are lucky, you can eve see the Tioman Island.

For the fishing enthusiasts, you can rent a boat to fish at the lagoon specially created by the chalets operators for the visitors. Various kind of fishes are available, including kerapu, ebek, jemuduk, dan jenohong.

On the weekend, the beaches are full with visitors especially from Singapore. The most famous of the beaches is Penyabung Beach. On the other beaches, such as Pasir Lanun dan Tanjung Resang, the visitors on the weekends would be focusing on groups or family activities such as kayaking, volley ball or even beach football.

The visitors are satisfied with the holiday in Mersing. The beaches are clean, not too crowded and the sea slope is not steep, thus it is safe to bath. The rental rate of rm100.00 per night is very reasonable.

Mersing beach is a good destination to enjoy the easy days and unwind from the heavy daily work pressure.

the original text in Malay by:
Bersantai di pantai Mersing
Kosmo! 6 nov 2010


  1. NICK KLUANG said...:

    boleh x beri saye no telefon

  1. bryan said...:

    Can't go wrong with Naza Impian. Awesome location.

    Say hi to Naza for us :)

    Sha and Bryan

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