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Saturday, January 1, 2011

One of the uniques cultural adventure you can have is by attending an Indian wedding.

The full story is given by the Star and written by Neeta Lal in the "Big and Fat Indian Wedding".

I include some part of the story below:

This the story about Mihir Chadha who spent bog and fat dollars to help the making of the Indian wedding industry to a whopping 40-billion dollar enterprise. Of course, people like him can effort it.“Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime affair,” says Mr Chadha “If I can afford to splurge, why not?”

He will be having not just one party, but total of seven. Chadha intends to host them all, the extravaganza will cost him back tens of thousands of dollars. Chadha’s 1,200-odd guests will be sipping champagne circulated by waiters on silver trays, munch on canapés and then help themselves to a 54-dish buffet comprising Thai, Italian, Malaysian and Indian food.

Indian wedding. Complete with silk tent, crystal cutlery, expensive wines and gourmet food make it an unforgettable experience.

The industry, it seems recession proof. It was not long before Indian Weddings were a simple and modest ceremony arranged by the parents. However the situation is different. What use to be the ceremony with traditional dresses, are now replaced by 'designer' suits of different styles.

Says Falguni Seth, a well-known Indian designer, “Inspired by the high-profile weddings of business tycoons and Bollywood stars, everybody wants to look like a celebrity on D-day.”

The experts pointed to the various drivers for the growth in the wedding industry. The most likely enabling driver is the increase in wealth and the disposable income of the growing upper-middle class groups.

The Indian Wedding will have Flowers flown in from Holland, Thailand and Bali to give that special touch to a wedding.

It is interesting to note that even banks are interested to provide the wedding loans. It is a very personal matter and most will try to make it as memorable as possible. It is happening only once in the life time, and that memory will be with them for many years to come.

The society had not heard the term 'wedding planner'. Now it is thriving profession.

Above: Elaborate cake amidst floral setting. — NEETA LAL

One of the planners, had organised multiple-city weddings costing ranging from US$20,000 to US$2mil. The wedding may have gold-embossed invitations cards and even a helicopter rides for the groom to the ceremony.

No wonder, is is a common jokes in India about the low rate divorce " because the bride and her relative d not want to subject themselves to financial bankruptcy ever again!"


Saturday August 21, 2010
The big fat Indian wedding
Stories by NEETA LAL


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