FLORIA 2012 - putrajaya flower and garden festival

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The festival is s running now, from 30 Jun to 8 July 2012. Various activities are installed for visitors. The details are as follows:

Time: 9am to 10 pm  30 Jun - 8 Jul 2012
Location: WaterFront Precinct 2 Putra Jaya

Some of The Highlights:
- Boungainvillea gardens with collections of the cultivars,
- Boungainvillea competition - who is the most beautiful of all...
- Garden design, talks, workshops and competitions.
- Garden of Various samples: Corporat gardens, schools garden, designers gardens.
- Market Place - You can buy things - Horticulture market,
- Orchid Gardens and competition.


 One of the theme of the garden is the bougainvillea, I include 2 picture of the garden. There were quite beautiful

The seller of toys for the young children did not want to miss the oppotunity.

Big crowd waited for their turn to visit the flowers of the highlands, which have to be put in an airconditioned room.

The idea of the Balinese garden attract the attention, the square and rectangular structure is the hallmark of balinese structure. They never forget to put the statue, normally devoid of any clothing.

The chilli tree seem to be overdone with the fruit. You can mark my word, you will not be able to outdo them, I tried to grow it, you are lucky to get half the fruit.


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