Introducing the Island of Borneo

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Borneo has been attracting adventures among the visitors from western worlds. It is here that, the visitors come face to face with the head hunters and the exotic animals. The hunters do not practice the life style and longer, but that eerie feeling still lingers when you see pile of processed heads being stacked at a corner of a local tribesman.

borneo island Borneo is the third largest island, after Greenland and New Guinea. The nearly 740,000 sq kilometers is shared between three countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Brunei is a tiny independent sultanate, established prior to the coming of the English colonial power as the center of trade and culture in the region.

 Its Malaysian land area merely covering 5765 sq kilometer consisting of two separate territories. The biggest of the Malaysian state, Sarawak was in fact part of Brunei before it was wrestled in 19th century from the Sultan by the white Raja of Sarawak. The biggest land area of Borneo, about 72%, belongs to Indonesia. The area is also known as Kalimantan and was ruled by the Muslim sultanate of Banjar.

 THE ATTRACTIONS For centuries the mysteries of Borneo, especially in the unexplored heartland, brought in many explorers and adventurers is search of something unique exotic or even bizzare. The modern communication and transportation means had opened up the interior. Now people can journey and explore the virgin jungle and take a glimpse of the wild animals with ease.

 WILD ANIMALS The land has among the richest diversities of wildlife in the world. Most of the animals are difficult to be seen, but the trails and marks confirm of their existence. Perhaps the most well known of the animal of Borneo is the orang-utan. This best way to see them will be at the orang utan sanctuaries. The three best rehabilitation centers are, Sepilok in Sabah, Semengoh in Sarawak and Tanjung Puting in Central Kalimantan.


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